I inquired about fixing some problems with my driveway and found a company called "DRIVEWAY DOCTOR" in Des Moines, Iowa.Upon contacting ADAM COLLINS, he answered the phone as WESTERN WATERPROOFING.

When I told him about the ad I saw for Driveway doctor he told me to call him on another number because the number I called was for the company he worked for. When I finally spoke to him he informed me that he would come to my home and do an evaluation. He did and I engaged in allowing him to do business. On the day my driveway was services, Adam bragged about how he could offer me a deal because he got the materials from the company he worked for "Western Waterproofing" for free.

I noticed that the equipment he was using had Western's name on it. He then told me if I referred my neighbor he would take $400 off my service. My neighbor and I both agreed to have work done. However, shortly after the work was done, both our driveways developed cracks.

When I called Adam to complain, he hung up on me. I then called the company he worked for and had seen on the equipment Adam used. I asked the receptionist is Adam Collins worked there and was told he did. I then asked if Adam was the residential specialist and was told that Western Did not handle residential repairs.

This interested me considering that I HAD work done and PAID FOR IT. Upon being connected to Adam, I told Adam who I was and then told me Adam Collins didn't work there. He pretended to not know anything about it and asked that I not call that number again.

This is a shady employee of a company who clearly doesn't know that their employee steals their equipment on the weekends to do personal work to pocket the money himself.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Johnston, Iowa, United States #832533

This is why this site can't be taken seriously.This person claims a loss of $3,500 for repair work?

Why not just get the whole thing replaced for that? And which company is even being targeted? People use this as a way to anonymously take revenge, when they are too scared to confront someone themselves. Content isn't monitored and posts aren't even relevant.

Bbb is a lot more reputable...but of course their the claim has to be accurate.


Somebody is really reaching here with this post. Why would they be having concrete work performed in early March when it was the middle of the winter with tons of snow on the ground? Sounds like this is a personal attack here and nothing more.

to Anonymous West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #827987

Perhaps the work wasn't done in March. Maybe March is when the quality appeared to be less than good and damage started to appear.

to Anonymous Des Moines, Iowa, United States #831577

To all you nay sayers, Adam was actually a part of my family for a while and yes this post is true.He was involved and still is a drug addict.

Pain killers and cocaine and alcohol. His drug addiction has interfered with his ability to be a father too and he has missed weekends where he was to pick up his child and then just didn't show up. We all were aware of this business and his son mentioned it a lot. Adam gave his son his "work" driveway doctor cell phone once and it did ring with people looking for Adam for his driveway doctor business.

Yet he denies having this business to avoid having to pay more child support. Adam is a destructive person. Lies to the point he believes his own lies, is selfish, steals, has bad credit because he doesn't pay his bills and is a bad father. Nothing about this post is surprising.

Adam using company equipment to benefit himself under his companies nose is total something he would do. He used to own another company and treated those customers the same way. It was a franchise and instead of paying the fees, he pocketed the money for drugs instead of paying fees for using the franchise name.

He had a lot of upset customers then and apparently does now too.

West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #801284

My company as sad as it is, does business with Western a lot.This guy is pretty full of himself.

We actually prefer not to do business with Western because of Adam. He bids low and then changes out orders and expects others to compensate.

Shady business man in my opinion.


Funny how my friend was just talking about this guy she met and how great he seemed. I googled him and did the dirty work for her and found a lot on this Adam Collins guy, including this post! He is not what he appears to be!

to Anonymous West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #801280

Wait I just went on a date with this guy.I just googled him and found this post.

He has police records and now complaints like this?

He isn't attractive so no sweat off my back and certainly never planned to call him back.This is just funny though


Appears to be yet another Ashley Van Zetten post attempting to stir up drama with her ex boyfriend.

to Anonymous West Des Moines, Iowa, United States #801278

It is obvious this reply is from Adam himself trying to blame his poor and dishonest business practices on someone else (his ex girlfriend) just like he tried to blame his match.com account on that poor girl too.Stop trying to blame your lies and bad reputation on a girl that dumped you and has moved on and from what I can see, has her *** together...unlike you.

Jealous are you?

I think this post is funny.

Not only is he a cheater and a liar personally, he has a negative reputation in the business world too!LMAO

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